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4 Reasons WHY - Unity in Community

After you saw the previous season, here is coming the new one. Well, this season is about Community inside Gedung Wirausaha which impactable to all workers in the building. The closeness between management and tenants in Gedung Wirausaha is one of our prioritized focuses related to the office's atmosphere becomes more harmonious and always enjoyable for all.

Things that we can do to get closer with our tenants is arranging an event that aims to strengthen internal relations between tenants or even management. As mentioned in the previous post, we have an activity with tenants twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday. It is Move with Milleniwu, and we offer it for FREE.

This activity flexibly carried out an indoor or outdoor place of Gedung Wirausaha and couched by an instructor to make this activity runs regularly well. However, since the pandemic spread out in Indonesia, which requires employees to do Work From Home (WFH), this activity changed to online exercise through a live broadcast on Gedung Wirausaha's Instagram account. It might help the employees, tenants, and other Instagram followers to do exercise at home.

Then, there is also a Tenant Gathering Wirausaha (TGWU). This annual event held to strengthen relationships with tenants at Gedung Wirausaha but in a different way. Usually, this event arranged in certain places in the building's facilities of Gedung Wirausaha, such as Musala, Gym area, Badminton court, and Cafe. The activities could be the competitions, bazaars, to sports competitions to unite all employees inside the building.

So, Are you curious about our community? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Let's join with us and be part of Gedung Wirausaha! 🏢✨ For more information, connect with us through:

☎️ : (021) 521 3100 / 081286212003 (Ms. Lia)

📧 :

🌐 :

Instagram : @gedungwirausaha

LinkedIn : Gedung Wirausaha Office Space Written by: B.N.Leica Jalassuad

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