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About: Team Members

Management Team

Our value is to focus on people and hospitality from our professional property management team. This became our natural character in treating people with respect, based on our professionalism, attitude, experience, and long-term outlook.

Our team consists of individuals who enjoy working and have good relationships with our tenants. We serve and respect our tenants and customers as a part of our community. As such, we proactively monitor, anticipate, and address the needs of our customers continuously.


Our Engineering team is on 24/7 standby and ready to serve our customers, rain or shine. Building services represent a total solution for a large share of the problems shared by tenants. 

With the latest in IT solutions, facility management, and  AC controls, our Engineering team combines technical expertise with up to date solutions so tenants can focus on their work.


Our Security team is professional, friendly, and provide peace of mind to our tenants. 

The people-focused approach of our Security means we are smiling and always serving the needs of our customers. The smiles are because the building is well protected and the team is trained to monitor for potential security threats and take action immediately.

Cleaning Service

Our Cleaning Service Team ensures that the building and all its premises are professionally maintained with a focus on ergonomics, effectiveness, hygiene, and sanitation.
We perform daily and periodic cleaning of the interior, exterior, façade, basement, and keep the greens healthy to ensure proper circulation of fresh oxygen around and inside the building.

WU Hub Coworking Space

Indonesia’s capital has experienced a recent growth of startups reaching the status of Decacorn and Unicorn from international investors. 


Wu Hub coworking spaces provide the ideal environment for continued innovation and be a part of this growing community of startups. 


At Wu Hub, we encourage and support people.  We are an ecosystem that supports successful startups. 

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