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4 Reasons WHY - You Got Everything You Wanted If The Facility Fulfilled

Have you ever thought about working in a place that is not what you expected? According to a study, employees or workers hope that their workplace has values that can support their productivities at the office. One of the things that might affect this aspect is the facility provided by the company for its employees.

Indeed, a comfortable atmosphere of the office is important, but it would be different if the facilities or other equipments are not available to fulfil employee's needs. At the same time, this could be a company's appreciation form to its employees for working hard on doing all the jobs in the office.

That is why Gedung Wirausaha pays close attention to this aspect through the provided facilities in the office. Public facilities that owned by Gedung Wirausaha include Musala, Indoor and Outdoor parking area with cashless payment, VIP toilet and shower room, canteen, and Cash machine or ATM (Automated Teller Machine) which are importantly needed by everyone in the building with fairly dense mobility.

The use of technology on building facilities will provide convenience in terms of effectiveness and time efficiency among office mobility. Facilities that utilized this technology have been available by Gedung Wirausaha, such as WiFi connections availability and security cameras ready 24 hours every day. The security guard and cleaners are still steady for some reasons.

The water safety, rear gate, and flap barrier have been set up to define the safety and employee's convenience in the building by applying this technology. Moreover, these facilities are always regularly maintained so that they can function properly and uneasily be damaged.

Gedung Wirausaha also has a cafe which placed in the main lobby of the building as the fascinating facility provided by the management, the Infinite Cafe. Besides the canteen, Infinite Cafe can also be fresh air for people in the building, because they can taste cafe-style food and beverages without leaving the office area and it's still affordable for the price.

Moreover, facilities that prioritize employee health are also owned by Gedung Wirausaha by providing a gym area, badminton court and table tennis which can be used by all the employees when it's free time or office hours are over. Joint gymnastics activities are also routinely held by Gedung Wirausaha through Move with Milleniwu every Tuesday and Thursday.

Have you got everything you need? Let's find out more about what you can get at Gedung Wirausaha through the available facilities. Let's Work with Joy!

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Written by: B.N.Leica Jalassuad


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