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4 Reasons Why: 4 Benefits you get when your office is on a strategic area

When doing a job, an employee certainly needs a comfortable place to make it complete. Therefore, the office is one of the facilities provided by a company to support the performance of its employees while doing their work. It is very important to know that when setting up an office, location is the main consideration for the company so that the business that is being carried out having its development.

Hence, Gedung Wirausaha might you choose to be an option to develop your business as it is located in the strategic area of the Golden Triangle, Kuningan Jakarta. Well, here are 4 benefits you might have if your office location is in a strategic place.

1. The increasing of company's profit

If your office is placed in a strategic place, passed by many people, then, it will be definitely effortless for your company to get some potential customers or new clients. It would affect so much to the company especially for marketing matters as it also increases the company's revenue. Also, the opportunity to have new relations as a partnership with some bonafide companies related to business development can be realized as well.

2. Lifestyle changes as you got what you need

An office with adequate facilities is certainly a dream for some people. That would be very useful for employees when they are getting bored doing their job. Moreover, it is all nearby the office. Those facilities that can boost employee's energy such as fitness centres, mini markets, or cafe. The lifestyle would change unconsciously. The strategic area is not only contained by some office buildings but also other public places, such as department stores, hotels, sports stadium, etc. The proximity of the office location to those places will be the main consideration for prospective clients or business people to immediately have an office space or work in a strategic place.

3. Easy access to get into the food court

Who doesn't like to explore culinary? Even though we're at the office, sometimes we need to fill our pleasure during lunchtime or after work. The strategic location of the office is potentially close to a variety of places to eat with many menu choices. It will greatly facilitate employees to meet their food intake needs whenever they want. Many people that pass by the office areas would be inviting some entrepreneurs in the culinary field to establish a restaurant, café, and even, the roadside traders to set up a business or just selling their foods in the area.

4. Close to all public transportations

Employees or prospective clients might come from a far place, but they don't need to worry anymore to go to their office. As long as the office area is in a strategic place, it is definitely easy to find various public transportation which can make it easier for them to safely access the office quicker and cheaper. Basically, In Jakarta, some people are used to get the public transportation as their alternative to get into the office such as the Commuter Line or Public train transportation which serves trips around Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi), TransJakarta Buses, and the newest ones are MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and LRT (Light Rail Transit).

You can get all these benefits if your office location is in a strategic location and close to the other facilities and conveniences you want. Gedung Wirausaha could be your main option to immediately have an office with facilities that can help you to grow up your business.

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Written by: B.N.Leica Jalassuad

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