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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As social human-being, we need somebody else even if we're in a company or workplace. Some people believed that the work environment is one of the important factors that affect our comforts in the office. A pleasant social environment can also increase our enthusiasm for work. Although, sometimes we will be faced with a circle that harms the productivity of the work and its comfort.

Here are a few work environments that you can find at the workplace,

Every workplace must have its own code of conduct, which can serve as guidelines for employees when they are on a job. This series of binding rules is intended to organize the work system and staffing aspects of the office itself. The examples of simple ethics that are commonly found in office environments, such as keeping the clean of the work environment, at least our place first, and not talking too loud might be a small thing but become a positive one for all. Everything that matters definitely starts with small things.

Such as smiles, greetings people, having polite and courtesy manners to be applied in any social life. This application of ethics and culture can be started from yourself, even if you are an employee, to your boss, or anyone who crosses positions and has a different age than yours. But sometimes, corporate life makes us individualistic, which changes our attitude and forgets to apply these terms of ethics. If this continues without any awareness of changing, then don't be surprised if later we'll be faced with a boring and uncomfortable office atmosphere. Try to kindly remind others when this happens, so that a more friendly and pleasant work environment will be created if the mutual respect applied despite different positions and generations.

Also, as we carry out the company's goal, we will be faced with a day where we will do teamwork with other colleagues occasionally. This is certainly a good opportunity for us to get to know more about the characters of our co-workers and the adjustment will automatically form between the partners, especially if mutual respect has been applied.

We will also easily accept other people's opinions when discussing work-related and vice versa, so the results of the work produced will be more optimal. A work environment like this will certainly have a positive impact and provide feedback that is more constructive and synergistic. On other occasions, we will also be faced with people whose opinions are contrary to ours, which may lead to unharmonious relationships with colleagues.

Listening and providing constructive suggestions will be very influential when facing these conditions, as it is not only can indicate our caring but also want to understand and respect their opinions. Constructive and thoughtful suggestions will also increase self-improvement for ourselves and others. But, the most important of all, a healthy bond and circle among colleagues will provide us positive vibes during work at the office.

Written by,

B.N.Leica Jalassuad

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